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Hey, I’m Ben Sallai

I make easy to follow marketing guides for less tech-savvy business owners.

By giving you step-by-step help, you’ll learn how to get great results even if you have zero clue about marketing!

I Take A Different Approach Than Those “Gurus”

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I never complicate things to make myself look like an expert. You’ll only benefit from what you can understand, so I make my articles as easy as possible.

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I only work with businesses one-on-one as a consultant. I don’t sell generic, overpriced courses and masterminds like the others.

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I give away 99% of my material for free. You see, if you can follow my guides, you don’t need to hire a marketer (not even me!).

You have thousands of choices for people to learn from, so I know I have to earn your trust and time. If you’re curious, here’s who I am.


In March 2018, I quit my job as a regional managing director of an international room escape game franchise. This was my first c-suite job which I really enjoyed, but as an entrepreneurial type of person, I was drawn to starting up on my own.


At that time the “start your social media marketing agency” craze began to bloom. 20-something kids were establishing their own agencies in the hope of achieving the 6-figures a year dream.


I became one of them.

Waiting for my flight to London and my tiny room that I rented there

I took a couple of courses, moved to London, and rented a tiny room where only a bed and cabinet would fit. I worked 14 hours a day, every single day, but I quickly realized that things are not like sunshine and rainbows as these gurus pictured it.


No matter what I tried, nobody was interested. And soon I began to realize, that all these gurus are just teaching how to build a successful agency, but in reality, none of them has the actual experience. What’s worse, they wouldn’t even know how to serve a client if they got one!


I spent the next months vigorously studying marketing and testing ideas and I decided to move home and establish a consultancy with a more experienced friend of mine. He took care of sales and project management and my job was serving clients.


Our mission was simple. Making more money for the client than he spent with us.

Our "office" at the Startup Campus

We felt unstoppable!


Results were mind-boggling, clients referred to us to the next one and we doubled our revenue every month. We needed a new space, so we rented a spot in a startup campus (image above).


Finally, I could hang my gigantic MadMen poster somewhere!


However, as we accepted to work with everyone, we burned ourselves out which led to us going separate ways.

Teaching marketing psychology and pay-per-click advertising on the Content Marketing Week

After our split, I stumbled upon two guys with an agency and I joined to work with them.


Things were going great again, and I held my first (8 hours long!) public speech on the Content Marketing Week, talking about marketing psychology and advertising.


But again, things didn’t work out and I also realized if I want to make a name for myself in the industry, I need to work with the big guys.


Then one day, I saw an ad. It was a job opportunity for a marketing agency. Not just any, but a Deloitte Fast 50 awarded 24-year old agency, working with massive clients.


I wrote an email and explained that I’m not looking for a job, but let’s have a coffee because I think we could do some great things together.


Fast forward 3 weeks, I was working with my first corporate client, HELL Energy.

My first corporate account, HELL Energy with their brand ambassador Bruce Willis

After signing HELL, I took on more and more clients, businesses of all sizes, across a dozen industries which gave me a wealth of experience and allowed me to demonstrate my abilities in marketing.


A couple of months after I’ve signed with the agency, the owner made me a Digital & Performance Director which was a less corporate sounding name for Chief Operations Officer.


One day my colleague, who just graduated from university asked me if I’d teach her a couple of things in marketing when I had the time. I say yes, and took her under my wings.


I taught her copywriting, then she created an ad which outperformed all the ads of one of our corporate clients. She said chatbots seem so difficult, so I taught her how to build one without coding. Then she wanted to create a portfolio website, I taught her how to build a website in an hour.


This went on for a while and soon I discovered my passion for teaching. I also realized that my ability to work very fast also enables me to teach something very quickly.


Then I thought… If I love passing along what I learned and I love helping others… Why not do that on a global scale?


And that’s how we arrive at Summer 2020 when I’m starting this blog. I want to help entrepreneurs to market themselves, I want to teach marketers to be better at their job, and I want to continue working with businesses to turn more of their marketing efforts to profit.


I’m looking forward to taking you on this journey and I hope I can teach you some amazing things that will transform your business and your life.


“It’s rare to come across such advertising talents as Ben, despite his young age. I had the pleasure to work with him on multiple projects and his ability to put himself in the customer’s shoes and write copy in a way that makes the customer take action, is unlike any I’ve seen before. Ben is a genuine direct-response expert who earned my highest recommendation.”

Norbert T.
Norbert T.
Former Marketing Director of D.A.S. Legal Insurance, Marketing Consultant, Service Designer

“I used to work with Ben as a digital campaign consultant. He supported our marketing activity by designing and executing direct-response campaigns and copywriting. He demonstrated a performance-oriented attitude and exceptional creativity striving for the highest conversion, profitability as well as customer experience. “

Sandor G.
Sandor G.
Former Director of ResearchCenter, Head of AI Competence at Stratis

“In the world of marketing, there are many consultants who claim many things and most of them are just spouting claims with no real way to back up their results. But, Ben goes one step further than just claiming he delivers results. When your company needs to make conversions of any sort you want someone on your side that you won’t have to hope they will get you what you need. This is where Ben comes in. He cares about your success as if it is his. He’s not just looking for a client, he wants to build a relationship with you and that means he cares. To me that was important.”

Jason F.
Jason F.
Martial Art Coach, Entrepreneur

“It was a pleasure working together with Ben. He is a very client-orientated person, who exactly knows what you or your company need. Either you choose to coordinate and execute your Google Ads, Facebook or other campaigns, Ben is always a good choice! I highly recommend him!”

Susanna T.
Susanna T.
Marketing Manager at DAS Legal Insurance

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