Affiliate Disclaimer

Sometimes I use affiliate links on my blog. 

What does that mean?

  1. If I use a product or service for some time
  2. I’m satisfied with it
  3. I would have share that product or service on my blog anyway…

…I join their affiliate program to earn a small comission by referring them.

If you click on these links, you pay the same price as everyone else (or if the promotion allows, even less).

Then, the company takes a small cut of their profits and send it to me as a commission.

In other words, by using the affiliate links to purchase these services, you indirectly support my blog.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a specific link that contains a tracking number. 

When you clink on these links to visit my affiliated partner’s website, it recognizes that you visited from my blog.

If you make a purchase, they can connect that you came from my website and bought something, therefore, they can give me a tad bit of commission.

Does this affect your judgement?

Most definetely not.

I look at my readers as friends.

And I would never recommend something to a friend, that I don’t believe it.

That should be standard.

Why do you have this disclaimer here?

Partially because I want to explain how this works to be transparent.

Also because some country’s laws (not the one that I live in) require websites to have these disclaimers.

Better be safe than sorry.

Can I send you my product/service to review or promote?

I’m happy to try your product or service if it seems beneficial for me.

And if I feel like my audience can benefit from it too, I’ll share it.

However, I won’t promote your stuff just because you asked me to.

And you can’t pay for my recommendation either.

Integrity over anything else.

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