Build Your WordPress Website with My Best Resources

I’ve been building websites since the young age of 12.

During my journey, I came across a couple of tools that I found incredibly valuable. These tools have stuck with me.

The resource page I’ve assembled here is a collection of these tools.

By using them, you’ll not only have a shortcut to the best software right from the get-go, but you’ll save the time and money that I’ve already spent finding them (as well as a lot of headaches I had experimented with crappy tools you should avoid).

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Each Resource Is Labeled and Here's What They Mean

If you visit these websites using my links and buy something I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Click here to read my affiliate disclaimer.

These are services I use every day, but I’m not affiliated with them. (I might be in the future though, so this is why I’m using my fancy links).

These are websites that are completely free, or the free version of their software is great. No need to upgrade unless you want something extra.

Tools to...

Build a High-Converting Website


Kinsta is my go-to choice for super-fast web hosting.

Kinsta offers premium Google Cloud-based hosting specifically designed for WordPress websites. They’re extremely fast, secure, and easy to use. My favorite feature is “staging”. It allows me to make changes to a copy of my website and publish it, without having to worry about breaking the live site.

Astra Pro

Astra is my favourite WordPress theme (it's mind-boggling fast!).

With over 1.5 million users and 5k five-star ratings, Astra is one of the best WordPress themes. Not only it’s great to work with, but it’s blazing fast. Check any credible comparison site, review, or toplist and you’ll see what I mean.  I’ve been building websites for 17 years and I have to say, it’s hands down the best thing I’ve ever worked with. 

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best paid caching plugin for WordPress.

Used by ~1.8 million websites, you can find WP Rocket on almost every large WordPress website. Just install it, switch it on, and it makes your website significantly faster using clever mechanisms. A faster website leads to a better user experience, more returning visitors, better Google rankings, and more conversions (ie. more revenue). Definitely pick this up if you use WordPress.

Tools to...

Grow and Monetize Your Email List


A simple yet amazing email marketing software that you'll love.

As a former email marketing agency director, I have tried a lot of email marketing software. A LOT. And I must say, ConvertKit is one of the easiest-to-use. They focus on the basics and they do it well. It has a simple interface that even an 8-year-old could use. There are no crazy advanced automations that sound good on paper but would just increase the cost and you know you never going to use it…and did I mention their support is beyond amazing? If you don’t want to change email marketing software every couple of weeks, give ConvertKit a try. I’m convinced that you’re going to love it as much as I do.


High-converting (and free!) emails sequence templates

Would you like to welcome subscribers, launch a product to your list, re-engage with cold subscribers or even validate a product idea… without having to send emails manually? This is what email sequences are for. With DripScripts, you can pick a high-converting email sequence template, edit it to your liking, and import it to your favorite email marketing software with just a few clicks. Super convenient!

Tools to...

Write Content Your Audience Love


AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write better

Grammarly is a clever writing tool that everyone must use, regardless of being content writers or not. It helps with grammar and spelling… It gives you real-time feedback about how your writing sounds… It can tailor your writing to your brand’s tone or even formality level… It helps to clarify your sentences… Seriously, even if you just pick up the free version, you’re doing yourself a massive favor.

Hemingway Editor

Make your writing bolder and more clear with Hemingway

This simple tool helps to make your writing better. It highlights hard-to-read sentences, that you should shorten. It highlights unnecessary words to get rid of. It also tells you when you’re using passive voice (which is a sin, if you want to create engaging content!). My favorite feature is the “readability”, which analyzes your writing and gives you a grade. I like to simplify my writing to “Grade 6” level to make sure everyone understands what I’m talking about. If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand the subject well enough.

Tools for...

Getting More Search Traffic (SEO)


Powerful SEO tool for keyword research, rank tracking and more

Mangools is an SEO tool package that helps you rank better in search engines. It’s not as robust as its big brothers, but it’s way cheaper and the interface is super simple to navigate. Which makes it a great SEO tool for beginners. My favorite tools in the kit are KWFinder, which as the name suggests helps with finding keywords to rank for. And LinkMiner which helps you find websites where you should build backlinks from.


Keyword research tool with no fluff

Wordtracker does one thing and they do it well… Keyword research. Type in your search term, hit enter, and you’re off to a good start. If you only need a keyword tool for SEO, Wordtracker starts are $17/month which is a bargain. You can also perform 10 searches/day for free, which should be more than enough for most.

Rank Math

Awesome SEO optimization plugin for WordPress

If you want higher search engine rankings, you need to pay attention to on-site SEO. And if you’re using WordPress, there’s no better tool for that than RankMath. It’s easy to use, it has a free version and it’s recommended by the largest SEO companies and figures in the world. Need I say more? This is what I’m using too.

Ahrefs' Free SEO Tools

Free collection of SEO tools from keyword research to link building

Ahrefs is arguably one of the best SEO tool providers on the market. In this collection of free tools, they give you a keyword generator, keyword difficulty checker, a Youtube/Amazon/Bing keyword tool, backlink checker, broken link checker, website authority checker, and many more. Keep this page bookmarked!

MOZ Title Tag Preview

Ensure that your post's title is displayed in Google correctly

Google only displays 50-60 characters of your website’s title. If your titles are too long and it gets cut off, people who find you in the search engine might not click on your articles because of it. I use this tool to brainstorm ideas for article titles, making sure that my title fits in the 60 character criteria and gets displayed correctly.

Answer the Public

Discover what people are searching for and find golden content ideas

Answer the Public use Google’s autocomplete data to show you what people are searching for. Type in a keyword and it will give you relevant phrases and questions that your audience is asking. This is brilliant for finding content ideas as well as peeking into your customers’ heads.

Tools for...

Creating Stunning Graphic Designs


An epic graphic design tool that I use every day.

Canva is the most well-known online graphic design tool. You can create almost anything with it, and even the free version has more features that you’re going to realistically use. The pro version is not expensive either if you’re looking for a little more.

Ps.: Most of the illustrations, infographics, ebooks on my blog is made in Canva!


Great source of graphic design elements, vectors, PSDs, stock photos.

Freepik is my go-to choice for graphic design elements, whether it’s vectors, PSD files, or simply stock material. There’s a paid version too with additional high-quality elements, but the free version should be enough for anything you may need for your graphic design needs.


Gigantic icon library with various style options.

Shape is a cool web-app, that you can use to create perfect icons in seconds.
You can choose from 35k icons, select from 5 styles, add your brand colors, and just hit download. The tool is free, but if you need the icons for commercial use, it costs $59 for a year or $109 for a lifetime license.

Ps.: They keep updating the app, so expect price changes every once in a while.


Free , easy-to-use mockup generator

If you want to display your website on a laptop or mobile screen or create a realistic mockup for your business card Mockuper is your go-to tool. This free software allows you to upload a picture, choose one of the many templates and create a mockup in seconds. All for free.

Tools to...

Find Eye-Cathing Images & Stock Photos


Beautiful, high-resolution images submitted by photographers

Who says that stock photos have to be bland and boring? Go to Unsplash, perform a search and you’ll find amazing, ready-to-use images that look anything but stock photos. I’ve been using Unsplash forever and luckily they’re getting integrated into more and more software, like ConvertKit.


No-ordinary stock photos

My second favorite option after Unsplash, Stocksnap offers free, quality stock photos.


2.4 million stock images for free

Pixabay offers the same thing as Stocksnap, with 2,4 million free stock images and counting.

Tools for...

Building a Recognizable Brand


Find what colors are popular brands using

As the name suggests, BrandColors is a large collection of brands and the colors they’re using. Use it for inspiration, but keep in mind, that some colors are trademarked. By clicking on the colors, you can copy their RGB codes, just make sure to change them a little bit, so you don’t get into trouble!


Color palette tool for branding

Coolors is a great tool for creating a color palette for your brand. Be sure to check out the Explore tab, where you can find popular color schemes, that might just be the right fit for what you’re looking for.

Color Hunt

Color palette tool for branding

Color Hunt is almost the same thing as Coolors, a collection of popular color palettes. Use it for quick inspiration.

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If you know a great tool that’s not on this list, send it to me!

I’ll give it a try and might feature it on this page.

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I may ran out of a coffee...
but you ran out of things to scroll down to.

Jokes on you.

Actually… Now that you’re here, you might as well join my free newsletter to get my best guides, tips, and other cool and handy stuff delivered right to your inbox.

(✔️ Valuable resources ❌ Spam )

PLUS, you’ll also get instant access to my WordPress Website Building Toolkit (packed with X epic resources!) when you subscribe…